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Blue Jays Mailbag: Pillar Leading Off, Biagini's Role, and 6-Man Rotations

Andrew Stoeten says Toronto should have no issues sending Joe Biagini back to the bullpen once Aaron Sanchez returns, and looks at possible leadoff replacements for the struggling Kevin Pillar.
Andrew Stoeten

How Have Baseball Names Improved Through The Years? A MLB Draft Study

A scientific study comparing the amazing names in the 2017 MLB Draft to the names in the 1990 and 2000 drafts reveals how far we've come. Also some weird new spellings.
David Roth
The Scouting Glossary

Good Face, High Ass: The Baseball Scouting Glossary

Should you be happy when a scout says you have a high ass? Do you need to have a good face? Are you horseshit? Read this explainer of popular scouting terms to find out.
Joe Lemire

Baseball Bloodlines Run Deep in Blue Jays System

The sons of Vladimir Guerrero, Dante Bichette, and Craig Biggio are all Blue Jays farmhands. They could soon be joined by Roger Clemens' 22-year-old son, Kacy, who was drafted by Toronto this week.
Kyle Cantlon

How the MLB Draft Does and Doesn't Predict MLB Greatness

How does a person go from teenage ballplayer to all-time great? For players born in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico, it starts with getting drafted.
Christopher Crawford
supreme earnestness

Former Angels Scouting Director Recalls the Time He Wanted to Draft Tim Tebow

Ten years ago, at least one major league team was interested in drafting him
Mike Piellucci

Man Amongst Boys: The Oral History Of Bryce Harper's Record-Setting Junior College Season

The MVP's most unprecedented move came long before he made the major leagues.
Mike Piellucci
this particular week in baseball

Xander Bogaerts And The Merciless Prodigies Terrorizing MLB: This Particular Week In Baseball

The bad teams are somehow worse and the good teams are still great, but there's plenty of change to go around thanks to ultra-precocious beasts like Xander Bogaerts.
Matthew Kory
mlb draft

How Not to Manage the First Round of the MLB Draft

The MLB Draft is a guessing game, even in the first round. Here are the ten teams that have historically gotten it the most wrong, and how they've done it.
Steven Goldman
mlb draft

Can You Guess Which MLB Draft Names We Made Up? An Important Quiz

Baseball is a game that abhors expression in every way. The one exception are the florid, goofy, aspirational names that players have. This quiz is about that.
David Roth

Are Too Many Baseball Teams Tanking?

The Chicago Cubs are living, winning proof of how a strategic tank job can help turn an organization around. But it gets that much harder when everyone is doing it.
Jonathan Bernhardt