NBA Dunk of the Week


NBA Dunk of the Week: LeBron Goddamned James

The Cleveland Cavaliers are in a hopeless situation against the Golden State Warriors, but LeBron is going down swinging (and throwing it off the glass to himself for dunks).


NBA Dunk of the Week: Jayson Tatum, Look What You Did

The Boston Celtics rookie tempted fate, and the universe when he dunked on LeBron James and got in his grill.


NBA Dunk of the Week: The Combine and the Promise of the Future

The present is boring and for suckers. Behold the purity of the future and let it wash over you.


NBA Dunk of the Week: James Harden Makes Dunking on Kevin Durant Look Ordinary

The Houston Rockets star has established his own stylistic and aesthetic world that is so wildly divergent from any other NBA player, that seeing him dunk on another superstar is just...strange.


NBA Dunk of the Week: Joel Embiid Fulfills Aron Baynes's Destiny

The Philadelphia 76ers big man welcomed Baynes into the storied club of mediocre white big men getting yoked on.


NBA Dunk of the Week: Paul George Reminds You He's Still Here

George took a back seat to Russell Westbrook in Oklahoma City this season, which has got to be a weird feeling.


NBA Dunk of the Week: Anthony Davis Bangs on Nurk, and We Should All Feel Shame

The New Orleans Pelicans big man so thoroughly banged on Portland's Jusuf Nurkic it's embarrassing.


NBA Dunk of the Week: Ed Davis is Forever

Basketball is constantly evolving, but the Portland Trail Blazers big man's skillset will never go obsolete.


NBA Dunk of the Week: This Myles Turner Dunk Whips Ass, Just Like Me

As an unquestionably elite athlete, I, Corbin Smith, am here to praise Indiana Pacers forward Myles Turner and his campaign of shame against the Pelicans.


NBA Dunk of the Week: 'Fly Like an Eagle' Is the Quintessential Dunk Song

Dallas Mavericks rookie Dennis Smith Jr.'s smooth and soulful dunk against the Knicks on Friday night struck a chord.


Dunk of the Week: The Selfless Joy of Thad Young and Victor Oladipo

Thad Young passes up a wide open dunk to set up a beautiful Victor Oladipo 360 and we all learn an important lesson in selflessness.


Dunk of the Week: Dwight Howard and Tyson Chandler are NBA 'Goofus and Gallant'

On one alley-oop, the differences between two players is laid bare