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NCAA Men's Tournament Vs. Women's Tournament: Who Ya Got?

After Villanova's dominant performance, and Notre Dame's miracle finish, we get to the bottom of which tournament was better.


After Beating Them, Mizzou Coach Praises Opponents In Their Own Locker Room

Mizzouri Tigers head basketball coach Cuonzo Martin gave the Stephen F. Austin team a pep talk after they lost.


Texas Had a Good Night at the WNBA Draft

The San Antonio Stars got the best player in the 2017 draft in Kelsey Plum, but the Dallas Wings had three picks in the top ten.


This Maryland Soccer Throw-In Bucket Is Easily the Best of March 'Madness' So Far

Now ​that​, my friends, is real madness.


We Spoke to an Architect: Michael Jordan's "The Ceiling is the Roof" Metaphor Actually Kinda Makes Sense

"It's possible that he's parsing out an important architectural distinction for us."


EA Sports' Football Game Is Dead Because the NCAA Lives in a Fantasy World

Even the athletes receiving checks from a class action lawsuit settlement want college sports video games back. But thanks to amateurism, the NCAA won't allow it.


Little Dayton Flyers Pilot is Latest Example of March Sadness

Syracuse blows out Dayotn despite being the "underdog."


Cal Assistant Coach Fired After Reporter Alleges He Sexually Harassed Her

"Hufnagel allegedly made sexual innuendos to her implying, in her words, 'Come have a three-way with me.'"


Kentucky's Tough Draw Could Help Elevate Jamal Murray's Draft Stock

Jamal Murray, the most dangerous freshman scorer in the tournament, is a threat to push his way into the conversation as high as No. 3 come draft night.


VCU Cheerleader Tries to Stomp Out St. Joe's Victory Balloons, The Bitterness of Loss

If the balloons are gone, then losing never happened, right?


Source: Three Louisville Recruits Confirm that Strippers and Prostitutes were Hired to Coax Basketball Players

The source said that players were given stacks of bills ranging from $200 to $500.