'Bitch Better Have My Money' Plays During Warmup of NWHL Game After Announcement of Salary Cuts

This great troll job was in response to the league's poor handling over its sudden decision to cut player salaries in half.
Kyle Cantlon

Struggling NWHL Cuts Player Pay Without Consulting Players or Union

Players were only getting paid, at most, $26,000 to begin with. Now they could make as little as $5,000 for the season.
Kate Cimini
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"I Wanted to Take the Mask Off": Harrison Browne on Coming Out as a Transgender Man in the NWHL

On Friday, Buffalo Beauts forward Harrison Browne became the first openly transgender athlete in U.S. team sports. In this VICE Sports Q&A, he talks about his decision to come out, the support he has received, and what comes next.
Kate Cimini

Are the Olympics a Help or Hindrance to Women's Leagues?

If the Olympic Games are an unequivocal win for its women competitors, the equation for the leagues that employ them is more complicated.
Kate Cimini

A Rocky Road to the NWHL's Sophomore Season

Amanda Kessel's historic signing to the New York Riveters earlier this month helped to shift focus from the NWHL's recent legal issues, but is it enough?
Kate Cimini

Right Now, the NWHL Is a League of Haves and Have-Nots

A divide exists within the NWHL—players who are on the national team, and those who have to supplement their league income with other jobs. The disparity is showing up in league standings.
Kate Cimini
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Nana Fujimoto Is Out To Save Everything

Nana Fujimoto was a hockey prodigy in Japan before walking away from the sport. She came back when she was ready, and now the NWHL goalie isn't going anywhere.
Alex Wong

Edge of History: Building Women's Hockey in Buffalo

As Buffalo gets set to host the first-ever NWHL All-Star Game, the city makes a case for becoming hockey Mecca, particularly for the first generation of professional women's players.
B. David Zarley

What Does the Launch of the NWHL Mean for the CWHL?

The creation of the NWHL could be a threat to the CWHL. And women's hockey as a whole.
Brigitte Noël