Sarah Thomas to Become First Woman to Ref an NFL Playoff Game

Sarah Thomas has a lot of firsts in football, and she's not done yet.


For One Glorious Moment, the NHL Had a Ref's Dick Goal

St. Louis Blues defenseman Robert Bortuzzo launched a puck down ice, and nailed a referee straight in the junk—only to make a huge deflection into goal. Sadly, there's a rule for these things.


Muay Thai Fight Ends When Opponent and Ref Get Knocked Out at Same Time

The ref stepped in to intervene in a MAX Muay Thai event between Gou Dakui and Super X Sitsontidech, and got more than he bargained for.


'Apolitical' FIFA Removes Qatari Referees Due to Diplomatic Crisis

On the same day that Gianni Infantino said that FIFA's role is "not to interfere in geopolitics," they removed a Qatari ref on the United Arab Emirates' request, citing the 'geopolitical situation.'


The Real Problem With Germaine de Randamie's Late Hits: We Expected a Warning First

When refs say "next time I'll deduct a point," it lends approval to things we all agree are wrong.


MMA Referees Could be Using Instant Replay in 2017

A key component to efficient officiating moved one step closer to fruition earlier this week.


NHL Ref Takes Time to Drop a Couple "Fuck You"s on Mic Before Making a Call

You would think that'd be grounds for firing—or a dismissal—but it just means the ref is doing his job well. That player probably deserved a couple of F bombs.


Memorable Moments In Fighter-On-Referee Assault

On the occasion of Roy Nelson's suspension for kicking John McCarthy, a look at colorful—and sometimes disgraceful—outbursts against the third man.


Roy Nelson's "Attack" on John McCarthy Is Now Before a Brazilian Superior Court

A new kind of justice comes to the MMA frontier.


Jon Jones Doesn't Want Big John's Bad "Energy" Ruining His Next Fight

The tragedy of an artist, an ex-cop, and a dangerous sport.


Fight Week's Title Fights Get Refs and Judges

The referees and judges for the five title fights scheduled for the UFC's International Fight Week have been assigned. Not all the fighters involved are happy with these choices, however.


Referee Steve Perceval Severely Mishandles Magny vs Lombard

It appeared as though Perceval was literally testing the boundaries of a human durability as he let Magny pour on grounded shots to the former judo Olympian, who remained completely still for sections of the second round.