How the US Weed Edibles Scene Compares to Canada

Canada is hungry for edibles while many US states are enjoying a tasty buzz.

Manisha Krishnan
Randy Robinson

Consumption Report: A Week of Weed With Rachel Wolfson

The meme lord tracked her cannabis consumption experiences for a week. From VIP penthouse parties to dinner with her parents, Wolfie lived the high life.

Rachel "Wolfie" Wolfson

The Netherlands’ Master Weed Growers Are Flocking to Canada

As the Dutch stumble towards legalization, Canadian businesses are taking advantage of their talent.

Lizan Nijkrake

Cross-Border Dispatches on the State of Cannabis Legalization

Massive profits and empty shelves followed legalization in Canada, while some US states are seeing a “bloodbath of prices” thanks to an oversupply of weed.

Manisha Krishnan
Randy Robinson

Canada May Not Have Enough Legal Weed for a Year

Cannabis is flying off the shelves in some provinces, but there isn't enough supply to meet the high demand.

Manisha Krishnan

A First Timer’s Guide to Legal Weed in Canada

If you somehow waited until legalization to try cannabis, here’s what you need to know.

Amanda Siebert

Here’s What Happens to the Black Market Now That Weed Is Legal

We spoke to dealers, cannabis farmers and edible bakers about their plans post-legalization.

Manisha Krishnan

How Canada Legalized Weed

It’s one of Justin Trudeau’s few policy wins, but he doesn’t deserve all—or even much—of the credit.

Drew Brown

All the Places in Canada You Can Get Legal Cannabis on Weed Day

A province-by-province breakdown of government-approved stores opening on October 17. You’re welcome.

Mack Lamoureux

Advanced Extracts: The Current State and Potent Future of Cannabis Concentrates

Where are we now when it comes to cannabis concentrates and extracts? And more importantly, where are we going? Here’s a peek.

Merry Jane

Beyond THC and CBD: Meet the New Cannabinoids on the Block

Extraction tech is advancing, and the cannabis industry is just starting to discover and isolate the numerous cannabinoids found in the plant besides THC and CBD.

Merry Jane

These Canadian Cities Are Still Banning Weed After Legalization

Long live reefer madness.

Manisha Krishnan