Will the Federal Election Improve Sex-Work Laws?

Justin Trudeau has led the Liberal Party in a decidedly women-friendly direction. If they're elected next year, sex-work regulations might finally see some real progress.
Sarah Ratchford
Vice Blog

Canada’s Newly Passed Anti-Prostitution Bill Creates Danger for Sex Workers

Canada's new anti-sex work bill is one step away from becoming a law. We caught up with experts to discuss how it could cause a host of problems for those in the sex industry.
Sarah Ratchford

Two Weeks After Newfoundland's Alleged Gang Rapes, Still No Investigation. Here’s Why

Despite widespread concern about reports of gang rapes of sex workers in Newfoundland, those at risk of being attacked haven't looked to the authorities for help.
Sarah Ratchford

Canada’s New Sex Work Laws Are Taking a Big Step Backwards

The government has tabled a new law surrounding what they call "prostitution” in Canada, and it’s worse than sex workers imagined it would be.
Sarah Ratchford

Valerie Scott Says Your Great Aunt Was Probably a Sex Worker

Fresh off the recent Supreme Court sex law success, a new structure called the "Nordic model" may be introduced which would criminalize pimps and johns instead of the sex workers, and would erase a lot of the progress made on behalf of advocates for...
Angela Hennessy

Should the City of Toronto Partner with Strip Clubs to Open Brothels?

When the Supreme Court of Canada deemed current sex work laws unconstitutional in December, a batch of controversial new operating possibilities opened up for the industry.
Martha Cote