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What It's Like to Transition in Different Parts of the World

From Canada, to Serbia and all the way to Australia – eight individuals talk about coming out as transgender in their respective countries.


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The Perilous Lives of Cambodia's High Rise Construction Workers

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Women Are Getting So Many C-Sections It's Starting to Affect Evolution

Thanks to the wonders of modern medicine, Darwin isn't getting the chance to do his job.


Inside India's Temple of Holy Rats

Worshippers believe the 20,000 or so rats, which live inside the temple, are reincarnated descendants of a Hindu goddess.


Mullahs, Skateparks, and Designer Knock-Offs: Inside Modern Iran

It's a million things at once. A country where vastly different understandings of the world live side by side.


RIP Raoul Coutard: The Man Who Made Cinematography Invisible

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Inside New Zealand's Reclusive, Anti-Technology Christian Community

For the most part, the public has relied on accounts of ex-Gloriavale members to understand daily life within the community, but photographer Cam McLaren was invited into the community and gave VICE an exclusive preview of what he saw.


Philippine President Declares 'America Has Lost' and Pledges Allegiance with China

"There are three of us against the world: China, Philippines, and Russia," President Rodrigo Duterte said.