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Man From Ahmedabad Cuts off Wife’s Tongue, Tells Police It Got Stuck While Kissing

Before this incident, the accused was also charged with murder for allegedly burning his first wife, and had physically assaulted his second wife.

by Shamani Joshi
16 October 2019, 12:36pm

Photo courtesy Maxpixel

A week ago, a woman named Tasleem in the Juhapura area in the city of Ahmedabad in India filed a police complaint claiming that her husband had cut off her tongue on Wednesday, October 9. She had to be rushed to the Sardar Vallabhai Patel hospital where her tongue had to be surgically reattached, while her husband remained on the run. She also revealed that only after she had married the man in August 2018 had she found out that she was his third wife and that he was still living with his ex-wife and son, and that he would regularly beat Tasleem up when she asked him to look for a job.

The police identified the accused as 46-year-old Ayyub Mansuri and finally caught him on Monday, October 14. During his interrogation, he claimed to have had no choice but to cut off his wife’s tongue because it got stuck to his during an intense makeout session. “Mansuri said when matters turned passionate he found his wife Tasleem’s tongue fused with his. So, he tried to separate the two tongues, during which his wife’s tongue was severed,” a police officer told the Times of India. The Velajpur police official that questioned the suspect felt his answers were shady, especially when he went on to tell them that he “panicked” after seeing his wife bleed profusely and thus locked her inside the house and ran away. At that time, Tasleem had managed to video call her sister who rushed to help her right after the incident. She maintained that they had got into a nasty fight when she refused to give him money last week, before had reconciled when Mansuri asked for a kiss. “On Wednesday night at around 11pm, when we were lying on one bed, my husband smiled at me and told that he wanted to kiss me on my tongue. I stuck out my tongue and as soon as I did, he first bit my tongue and held it and then cut it off with a knife he had hidden from me,” states the complainant, who is still unable to speak or eat properly.

And if this situation wasn’t scary enough already, it gets even more spine-chilling. The police are now saying that Mansuri had murdered his first wife, and assaulted his second one. “Mansuri was charged with murder for allegedly burning his first wife, Parveen, to death. While criminal proceedings were still pending, he married a woman from Mumbai and assaulted her. She left him. He then married Tasleem,” a police officer revealed.

Earlier in March, a similar incident took place in Pakistan, where a man cut off his wife’s tongue just a few days after he divorced her.

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