Unscrewing Ourselves

What We Talk About When We Talk About PCOS

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is as much about social stigmas around the female body and femininity, as it is about its physiological manifestations.
Pallavi Pundir
12 hours ago

EXCLUSIVE: The Return of the Prodigal Son of Indian Hip-Hop, Naezy

We caught up with Naved Sheikh to talk about the pressures of fame, his hiatus and now, his impending comeback.
Uday Kapur
14 hours ago

What It’s Like Being in a Sex Club in Canada’s North

Welcome to Yellowknife, where everyone knows your kink.
Jessica Davey-Quantick
14 hours ago

Quick Thoughts on Capcom's Inspired, Scary as Hell 'Resident Evil 2' Remake

For the first time in a long time, a survival horror game that actually makes you feel like you're barely surviving.
Patrick Klepek
15 hours ago

Meet the Pakistani Artist Placing Women In the Ancient Mughal Painting Tradition

In Nusra Latif Qureshi's miniature painting, men are pushed into the background.
Devana Senanayake
16 hours ago

Kemio Is Japan's Internet Superstar

Since being discovered on Vine, he's garnered a million Youtube subscribers and met Gaga. He'd still like to be on Ellen, however.
16 hours ago

Crystal Meth Kingpins are Standing In the Way of Peace In Myanmar's Golden Triangle

Myanmar's army signed a peace agreement to end its long-lasting civil war, but drug cartels—and corrupt military officials—are providing an incentive for the militias to stick around.
VICE Staff
17 hours ago

Facebook Denies Using the 10 Year Challenge to Improve Their Facial Recognition Software

Bet you still used this as an excuse not to share that awful 2009 throwback though.
Roisin Lanigan
18 hours ago

In Beirut, Clubbing Is Its Own Kind of Democracy

Local promoters, punters and record store owners give their take on the thriving scene.
Miriam Malek
19 hours ago
Political Ideology

Socio-Political Terms Simplified Over Pizza

A glossary of household concepts that you must identify before the pizza—and your ideological preferences—gets cold.
Megha Kashyap
19 hours ago

Out on the Piste | There’s More to European Gay Ski Week than You Think

A brutal homophobic attack could have marred the event, but then we dialled up the love...
Rupert Mellor
19 hours ago

The 'Black Panther' Costume and Song Oscar Nominations Are a Big Moment

The movie's radical politics extend far beyond the main plot, making typically low key categories much more political.
Taylor Hosking
19 hours ago