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Condoms Have Gotten So Damned Expensive in Argentina that People Aren't Using Protection

Tens of thousands may be having unsafe sex because the price of condoms and the pill have spiked in the recession-plagued country.
Tim Marcin
20 minutes ago

How to Quit Vaping

If you want to stop without turning to cigarettes, here are methods for getting off nicotine altogether.
Jesse Hicks
2 hours ago

Buy This Original Oil Painting of Channing Tatum's Ballsack for the Low Price of $230

You're an adult now. It's time to buy some real art.
Bettina Makalintal
2 hours ago
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Two Amish Men Escaped the Cops After Being Caught Chugging Beer in a Horse-Drawn Buggy

According to the deputy on duty, the buggy also had a stereo system and a 12-pack of beer strapped to the roof.
Jelisa Castrodale
2 hours ago

The First Company to Make AR-15s for the Public Is Shutting Down Production

High demand had inspired a slew of manufacturers to come out with their own versions, and now that demand is drying up, Colt said.
Tess Owen
2 hours ago

Japan Just Let the Executives Who Oversaw the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster off the Hook

Years after the disaster, there are ghost towns in the areas surrounding the plant.
Alex Lubben
2 hours ago
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Vape Is Dead. Long Live Sprape?

An over-the-counter nicotine spray might be coming for e-cigarettes' throne.
Harron Walker
2 hours ago
Algorithmic Bias

Algorithms Have Nearly Mastered Human Language. Why Can’t They Stop Being Sexist?

To fight gender bias, researchers are training language-processing algorithms to envision a world where it doesn’t exist.
Lynne Peskoe-Yang
2 hours ago
The VICE Guide to Right Now

75% of Filipinos Are Convinced Climate Change Is a Serious Problem

Often hit by natural disasters, Filipinos feel like climate change is already happening.
Lia Savillo
2 hours ago

New, Dire Climate Models Say the Planet Warms Faster Than We Thought

Two new models say the Earth is even more sensitive to emissions than we thought, and humanity has to work even harder to meet Paris agreement targets.
Madeleine Gregory
2 hours ago

The South Korean Serial Killer ‘Hwaseong Strangler’ Has Just Been Identified

Over 2 million police personnel investigated the case for over three decades.
Meera Navlakha
2 hours ago

Some Questions For Justin Trudeau, Our Prime Minister Who Loves Brownface (and Blackface)

Justin Trudeau wants Canadians to forgive his racism—but he hasn't explained why we should.
Manisha Krishnan
2 hours ago