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Chipotle Requires a 'Wellness Check' to Prove Sick Workers Aren't Just Hungover

Imagine being sent a health professional to prove that you're not just sleeping off last night's White Claws.
Jelisa Castrodale
19 hours ago

If Weed Makes You Extremely Nauseated, You're Not Alone

Doctors are seeing an increasing number of cases of cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome, which has symptoms cannabis is, ironically, often prescribed to treat.
Lena Papadopoulos
19 hours ago
food news

Italian Artist's Duct-Taped Bananas Are Selling for $120,000 Each

Maurizio Cattelan said he'd been trying to finish 'Comedian' for more than a year, but his early attempts with fake bananas just weren't working out.
Jelisa Castrodale
19 hours ago

Scams Are Killing the Phone Call

The robocall epidemic could already be changing how we use our phones. If you've stopped picking up, you're not alone.
Sarah Hagi
19 hours ago

Uber Office Has Nice Port-a-Potties for 'Employees Only,' Inferior Ones for Drivers

'Employee only' port-a-potties at an Uber service center in Los Angeles are solar powered 'VIP-Single' toilets.
Edward Ongweso Jr
Jason Koebler
19 hours ago
Social Media

The Hidden Downsides of Being a Professional YouTuber

"Sometimes I wanted to go out and have a meal without having to film the food."
Ruben Wissing
21 hours ago

Meet the Groom Who Went Viral After Skydiving Into His Own Wedding

“The instructor joked that sharks like the taste of newlyweds, which, although hilarious, wasn’t in the best taste at the time.”
Shamani Joshi
a day ago

Telegram Deplatforming ISIS Has Given Them Something to Fight For

Deplatforming terrorists from messaging apps may damage existing networks, but those who remain often double down in their beliefs.
Amarnath Amarasingam
a day ago
Best Of 2019

Here’s The Stories You Loved The Most From Asia in 2019

Wow, you guys like a lot of really weird stuff.
VICE Asia Staff
a day ago
joe biden

Joe Biden’s Latest Ad Features World Leaders Shit-Talking Trump

Entitled “Laughed At,” the ad used video of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau mocking Trump at a NATO summit in London earlier this week.
Daniel Newhauser
a day ago

WhatsApp Is Kicking Kashmiris Out of Their Accounts

Kashmir has been cut off from the world for four months. Now, the internet shutdown could wipe out people's photos, videos, and cherished memories.
David Gilbert
a day ago
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Justice Served? Indians Are Divided Over Police Killing the Four Men Accused in the Hyderabad Rape-Murder Case

While some are cheering the police for giving the girl’s family swift justice, others are concerned that since the suspects hadn’t been proven guilty yet, they could potentially be innocent people being framed.
VICE India Staff
a day ago