Five Questions

Five Questions for... the '1 in 30 People Who Poo in the Shower'

What is it like to just be casually squashing a human shit down a plug hole with one’s foot?
Emma Garland
Lauren O'Neill
an hour ago

This Nightclub for the Elderly Is Fighting Loneliness with Tea Party Raves

“We’re the only club event in the world where someone was rushed to hospital because they’d forgotten to take their drugs."
Colin Drury
3 hours ago

This Wuhan Resident Shares What it's Like Living in the Epicentre of the Coronavirus Outbreak

“The outside world does not completely understand the predicament we’re in.”
Koh Ewe
3 hours ago

Photos of the Most Egregious 'Anti-Homeless' Architecture

Once you start looking, you realize what critics call "hostile architecture" is everywhere.
Rick Paulas
4 hours ago

The Highs and Lows of the Family WhatsApp

From divorce drama to estranged parents trying to slide back into your life, WhatsApp groups with family members can throw up weird scenarios.
Ruby Lott-Lavigna
4 hours ago
sex and relationships

How to Eat Someone Out Properly

A large portion of you will, at some point, go down on someone with a vulva. Here's how not to fuck that up.
Daisy Jones
5 hours ago
Hey, You Around?

I Sell Xanax to Students

But demand is so high I've had to tell a load of them I'm no longer in business.
Noah Hepar
5 hours ago
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Apparently, Everyone’s Craving for That Bougie Steak Ram-Don From ‘Parasite’

The internet’s new favourite dish is now featured in countless mukbang, ASMR, and recipe videos.
Lia Savillo
5 hours ago

We Asked Amazon’s No. 1 Rated Reviewer of All Time Why She Does It

Joanna Daneman has been in Amazon's reviewer hall of fame a record 16 times and has thoughts about Jeff Bezos's feet.
Mark Vigeant
5 hours ago

How the Hell Did This Live Frog Get Inside a Green Pepper? An Investigation

A way too deep investigation into how a frog found its way into a Quebec couple's whole bell pepper.
Mack Lamoureux
5 hours ago
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Armed Robbers Steal 600 Rolls of Toilet Paper From a Hong Kong Supermarket

Toilet paper is now a valuable commodity after rumours of a coronavirus-fueled shortage.
Lia Savillo
5 hours ago
music features

12 Songs Ruined by Our Exes, Just in Time for Valentine’s Day

Love-themed playlists are a sham. We know your ex left with your favorite hoodie, your heart, and that song you can no longer play on repeat.
VICE Staff
5 hours ago