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National Party Fights $600,000 Charge for Eminem Rip-Off

Our favourite court case drags itself into 2018.

by VICE Staff
02 July 2018, 11:28pm

The National Party is again seeking reprieve from paying $600,000 for ripping off Eminem’s rap hit ‘Lose Yourself’ in one of their campaign ads.

The then-ruling New Zealand political party used a remarkably similar song, suitably dubbed “Eminem Esque” to soundtrack one of their political advertisements during the 2014 election. Eminem’s people sued for copyright breach, and won their case in October 2017, with an award of $600,000.

The court case itself made for some of the of the happiest footage of NZ legal history, with lawyers and judge gathered, stony-faced, to listen to Eminem’s 2002 classic at the High Court.

Now New Zealand’s favourite court case is dragging into its next chapter. The National party is appealing the $600,000 figure awarded in damages. On the other side, American companies Eight Mile Style and Martin Affiliated, which hold and copyright for the song, have cross-appealed, asking for the damages to be increased.

Arguments will be heard at the Court of Appeal today.

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