Explore Marijuana’s Journey into the Mainstream on VICE TV’s Show ‘Weediquette’

We take a look back at our show WEEDIQUETTE that investigated the world’s pot journey into the mainstream as we closely approach New Zealand’s cannabis referendum.
11 August 2020, 11:30pm
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As the world has seen marijuana move from counterculture into the mainstream, a process that happened very quickly and with a great amount of excitement. At the same time, though, a lot of people are being left behind.

With the referendum to legalise cannabis which is soon to be held at the General Election on 19 September here in New Zealand, the proposed bill sets out a way for the Government to control and regulate cannabis.

With emergent issues facing weed culture, VICE’s show Weediquette looked into the investigation of the world's pot paradigm and met people whose lives hang in the balance when it comes to pot legalization.

This month, from August 12 on VICE TV we remind ourselves of the stories of people's lives that are dependent when it comes to whether pot is legal or illegal.

Featuring host Krishna Andavolu as he talks about what he's learned on the science, culture and economics on the legalisation of cannabis, and what the future of weed may start to look like.

Krishna follows folks who are kicking opiate addiction, fighting child protective services, battling stigma in the NFL, losing the war on drugs, and finding Jesus with weed.

Make sure to tune into episodes of WEEDIQUETTE every Wednesday from August 12th, from 10PM on VICE TV (New Zealand: Sky Channel 13 // SKY GO and On Demand // NEON TV).