Question Of The Day

Question Of The Day

Men, Would You Be Up for Using a Contraceptive Gel?

Researchers are getting volunteers to trial a sperm-slowing gel, to rival vasectomies (bit extreme) and condoms (widely hated).
Will Neal
Question Of The Day

We Asked People About the First Time They Fell in Love

"After three weeks—I was very young so don’t judge me—I told her that I loved her."
Mustika Hapsoro
Question Of The Day

We Asked People on the Street: Are You Good in Bed?

"Yeah look…I’d give myself an 8/10."
Laura Roscioli
Question Of The Day

How Long Until You'd Die Living Only Off the Food in Your House?

"A day" – person on the street, when we asked them about the possibility of Brexit rations.
Corissa Hollenbeck

Question of the Day: What's the Worst Thing We'd Find in Your Facebook Messages?

"Probably the naughty messages from university time."
Charlie Cottrell
Question Of The Day

Question of the Day: What Do You Often Lie About?

"I lie to men about being attracted to men."
Laura Roscioli
Question Of The Day

Question of the Day: What's Your Biggest Regret?

"I regret the tattoo on my arm that I just got lasered off about 10 minutes ago."
Mirjana Milovanovic

Question of the Day: Is Cheating Really That Bad?

"Watching Mad Men somehow made it feel okay—in a really weird, like, romanticised way."
Laura Roscioli
Question Of The Day

Do Old People Think Other Old People Are Hot?

We asked around Melbourne to find out.
Rhi Holmes
Question Of The Day

Question of the Day: How Often Do You Poo Without Using Instagram?

"I like to be inspired by home ideas and think about home redecorating while on the toilet."
Stephen Smit

Question of the Day: The Worst -and Best - Places to Break Up?

Best? “Dunedin.” Worst? “Dunedin.”
Sophia Romanos
Question Of The Day

Question of the Day: Never Use a Phone, or Everything on Your Phone Goes Public

"I'd make everything public. It’d make life interesting."
Stephen Smit