Pissed Off Hardcore Institution DANGERS Return with Their Third Album

Listen to a new song called "Kiss With Spit" and have your faith restored in music.
30 August 2016, 10:00am

DANGERS are, if not the most pissed off, probably the most sardonic hardcore band to come out of Los Angeles, which is truly saying something considering the city also birthed Suicidal Tendencies and Germs. They've been knocking around since 2005, playing basements, garages, living rooms, squats, warehouses, banquet halls, high school auditoriums, Adriatic beach resorts, abandoned Soviet furniture factories, and public park gazebos – anywhere that will have them, really. It's not often you come across a band that can jolt all your senses into action, giving you a new lease of life while reminding you extremely vividly that you will probably die a slow and horrible death, but in their decade of existence DANGERS have released two LPs and two EPs worth of the most insightful, livid and oddly artistic hardcore this century. If you've not had the pleasure, they're so concise you can blow through them all in about an hour.

Now they're back with The Bend in the Break – their third full-length and first since 2010's Messy, Isn't It? – to be released by the always reliable alternative music institution that is Topshelf Records in October. We're streaming "Kiss With Spit" from it below, and you'll be pleased to know that DANGERS have knocked themselves off first place when it comes to crafting furious, muscular hardcore that delivers nihilistic musings on our filthy culture-at-large. It seems reasonable to say that in 2016 the world has never felt so in need of scathing critique, so it is with great pleasure that I say: welcome back, DANGERS.

The Bend in the Break comes out on October 14 through Topshelf Records.