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Pretty Girl Bullshit

All the Pretty Girls Will Be Dancing on Thursday Night

At the launch of the third issue of The Mushpit.

by Bertie Brandes
29 May 2012, 4:40pm

OK, this might feel a bit like bumping into an old teacher at a bar, but please bear with me while I ply you with vodka cranberry, and try to convince you I do other stuff than just scream at you about Pretty Girl Bullshit.

On Thursday, the third issue of a magazine I make with my m8 Charlotte Roberts’ called The Mushpit is coming out, and to celebrate we’re throwing a party at The Alibi on Kingsland Road, East London. If you read our last interview with VICE Style, you’ll know we pride ourselves on providing reading fodder for those adult-lescents caught between Tammy Girl and Harper's Bazaar.

If you didn’t read it, you won’t know that The Mushpit is veritable feast of naked male centrefolds and slightly inappropriate pre-teen quizzes. And not only are we totally obsessed with trying to re-create the general hysteria of magazines like Smash Hits and J-17, we even kind of dig fashion, too. This issue has shoots by VICE photographer Anna Ryon, heartthrob Joe Ridout and super-stud Jacob Perlmutter, alongside tips on how to "Own That Interview" and cartoons about student housing squalor.

Themed around the idea that we all just graduated with totally icky job prospects, the "School’s Out" issue promises not to patronise you with shitty career advice, instead we have a great feature on lies to tell on your CV. Useful, huh? We also have all our regulars, including tips from Girlfriend of the Year on how to fake the perfect boyfriend, Spoonface of the Month and a call to action for our charity project Meals for Models.

So anyway, come party with us on Thursday, we have totally hot DJs including VICE’s own @thugclive, editor babe supreme Bob Foster, general #fox Sharmadean Reid and of course yours truly.