Holy Shit

Uh, Here’s a Video of King Krule Performing Live on THE MOON

Yes, that's right. King Krule played some songs from outer space.

by Ryan Bassil
08 March 2018, 2:00pm

In literal terms, King From is from south London. Beyond the leaf-covered streets of Dulwich and the winding backstreets of Peckham however, he's also from somewhere beyond the earth. On his first album he was 6 Feet Beneath The Moon, with the big cheese in the sky being a metaphor he used for his aspirations. Now, with his second album as King Krule, The Ooz, he's reached the moon. Or at least as he states on the album's closing track "La Lune" (which is French for 'the moon' my friends), he "was raised to the moon, just to hold a gaze with a view / and now [he's] about to cross again to the other side."

In the interim period between that record and the next, we can now see Archy Marshall and his band performing from outer space (watch below). As far as live performances go, this is pretty out there. Forgetting that weird astronaut dude who played a Bowie song in space or Elon Musk's demented car, this is the first time we've seen a musician perform on the moon. That is just a fact. You can't deny truth.

Look at that fucking space suit in the video above for starters. Did anyone say overheating? That shit must be hella hot, sweat pouring down his arms and into all kinds of distracting places. But also props to Marshall for wearing it, it's a strong look. Have you ever worn a space suit? I haven't, fuck that, I enjoy wearing breathable clothes. And if by some miracle you have worn a space suit, lets just assume you haven't worn one and performed songs for a good 30 minutes. That's a vibe.

The performance above comes courtesy of XL Recordings and Molten Jets production. It is to put it bluntly a marvel. How could it not be? It's in space! It features space suits! It is King Krule! Have you ever seen something like this? You have not, because something like this has never existed and it is probably one of the most inventive and creative album campaigns that's been witnessed in a whole decade.

For those who want to spoil their own surprise, the performance consists of the tracks "Dum Surfer", "The Locomotive", "Midnight 01 (Deep Sea Diver)" "Logos", "Sublunary", "Lonely Blue", "A Slide In (New Drugs)" and The Cadet Leaps".

Watch it above, sink into The Ooz and dream of being on the moon.

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