Here's Miguel Performing "Skywalker" and Wearing a Parachute on 'Fallon'

Human aviation, but make it sexy.

04 December 2017, 9:18am

Miguel's fourth album War and Leisure came out Friday (1 December), and to celebrate, he showed up on Fallon Thursday night to perform one of the record's singles, "Skywalker." It usually features Travis Scott, but he was unfortunately otherwise engaged, so anyway Miguel took to the stage with, uh, an enormous parachute?

I get that it's in reference to the song being called """"Skywalker"""" but it's also extremely ridiculous, though I guess it is kinda cool that the parachute is torn away to dramatically reveal Miguel's live band (easily one of the best things about Miguel is that he's a rockstar as much he is an R&B singer). Anyway, there's nobody but this man – the smoothest man in music to be sure – who could get away with this, but he just about manages it. Watch above; I guess you find parachutes sexy now?

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