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Guess Who is Playing Fagin in a Forthcoming Remake of Oliver Twist?

This is actually happening, people.
26 October 2016, 12:03pm

​In news that delights the literature fan in me and very much baffles the rest, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that Ice Cube – as in, _actual Ice Cube, from NWA _– will be heavily involved in a new musical movie version of _Oliver Twist. _

The film, backed by Disney, is being touted as a contemporary update of Charles Dickens' original story, and will be co-written by the rapper. It will also reportedly see him playing Fagin, a character who, depending on how you see it, can be described as either a 'loveable rogue,' or as 'the mastermind behind the gang of orphaned pickpockets which sucks in the destitute child at the centre of the story.' Whichever you prefer.

The rapper is also on producing duties, and Thomas Kail, the Tony-winning director of US rap musical Hamilton is attached to direct. Unsure as yet whether this will be amazing or dreadful, but either way I'm hyped to see Cube rocking some sweet fingerless gloves​.

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(​Image by Eva Rinaldi, via Wikipedia​)