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Are The Postal Service Reuniting?

Apparently they're playing at Coachella too...

by VICE Staff
21 January 2013, 6:49pm

Earlier, The Postal Service updated their website to simply read “The Postal Service. 2013”. Does this mean that there’s a reunion in the works? Is Ben Gibbard teasing us? Is he sad that Zooey Deschanel didn’t follow him into the dark and instead he’s promoting a band that he once said he had no plans to work with again?

According to Billboard, the band are set to appear at Coachella with additional dates and festival appearances “in the works”. They’re also about to re-release their debut (read: only) album, yet it’s almost certain that there will be no new material coming from the band.

In an interview with Spinner last year, Gibbard stated:

“There are no plans to make a second record... I can’t say that enough...I think people like the idea of a second Postal Service record better than they would like the second Postal Service record.... It’s the desire for something one can’t have, the anticipation of possessing something is more fulfilling than actually having something.”

True, Ben, true. I don’t think I’d like the second Postal Service record at all. There’s only so many bleeps and bloops and cardboard colour melancholia that one can take. I mean, the first few tracks on your debut record were listenable but after that I had a couch nap. But, hey, at least the kids who watch Garden State on loop’ll have something to look forward to, right?