PREMIERE: Watch Puppies Emote All Over Tegan and Sara's Video for "100x"

This video involves slo-mo and wind machines and tiny little doggies who totally feel your pain.
06 May 2016, 10:20am

Photo by Pamela Littky

Have you ever looked into an animal's eyes while listening to a break up song? Do you know that twist inside? That feeling of wordless communication as their watery gaze reflects your inner anguish? No? Well I distinctly remember clutching my blue-eyed bunny Flopsy while sobbing over a boy. I know she understood my pain. That boy? His was name Oli. He loved my best friend and not me. He smelled like incense. I was 14.

Anyway. So far we've heard two cuts from Tegan and Sara's forthcoming eighth album Love You to Death: "Boyfriend" and "U-Turn" are both solid gold pop songs that thrill with 80s-styled synth lines and feature the twins in electric shades of eyeshadow last seen on Cyndi Lauper. However, their new single "100x" offers a fresh element to the record. Built on melancholic piano chords and featuring such heart squashing lines as, "You were someone I loved / Then you were no one at all…" it's a torch tune brimming with emotion, and this emotion is only amplified by the video, premiering below.

All of which brings us back to animals, specifically tiny dogs. Shot in slo-mo. With a wind machine situation worthy of Beyoncé. Look at those slow pans! The girls are in it, but the pups really steal the show. Crazily, this concept is just a souped up version of something that was already happening on Instagram.

"I met Jess Rona at a Mafia party in LA and we hit it off immediately," explains Sara. "An actor, musician and dog groomer, ‘Jess Rona Grooming' became my favorite Instagram account. I constantly direct people to her beautiful, heartbreaking mini-music videos of her furry clients, because they're an endless delight. It was a true honor to have her do a long form version for our song 100x.”

Please note the white pooch with turquoise dip-dye ears and enjoy below.

Love You to Death is out on Warner Bros. Records on 6.3.