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Real Lies' New Video For "Blackmarket Blues" Is an Urban Nightscape

They've also announced a tour with Foals.

29 September 2015, 11:25am

North London trio Real Lies have shared the video for the lead single from their upcoming debut album Real Life.

The track is called "Blackmarket Blues" and here's what we know about it: the video is directed by Bison, lead-singer Kev Kharas stands around in a phonebox, and there's a perfect line that says "you're the straight through crew, not the Time Out crowd".

However, like previous releases from Real Lies - which date back to 2013 when they unleashed their debut track "Deeper" - what you get from "Blackmarket Blues" comes down to your own interpretation of what's distilled within the song's tone. Sure enough, there's plenty of fierce lyrics in here. But it's in this realm - the pure, tonal quality of Real Lies music - that the listener can reach toward their own memories, ideas, and feelings they've long held to be dear and can't quite vocalise. "Blackmarket Blues" is what you type into the Notes app on your iPhone when riding home alone at night, the draft folder on your Twitter account, and emails, texts, and phone calls you've never made. It's all the shit you're holding deep inside, and you can watch it below.

Real Lies release their debut album 'Real Life' on October 16th through Marathon Artists (pre-order). They've also just announced a tour with Foals.

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