Holy Shit

Watch: We're Streaming a Stormzy Performance and Q&A Right Now from the Noisey Offices

The party starts at 5pm, and we're streaming it for anyone who can't make it.

17 September 2015, 9:32am

**The live stream is now over, but check out our feature on how Stormzy is about to make history by smashing the UK charts with a grime freestyle**

What are you doing this afternoon? School? College? Working? Screw working. Tell your boss you'll hammer through lunch and leave an hour early. Tell your teachers you've volunteered to pack bags at Tesco. You need to be at our offices in Shoreditch by 5pm, and here's why.

To celebrate the release of his Stormzy's banging and barbed new freestyle "Wicked Skengman Pt 4" - which is shaping up for a top 20 finish in this week's Official UK Charts - the big man Michael will be hitting the Noisey offices for a live performance and Q&A, so he can generally be at one with everyone whose dropped cash on the song and sent it where it's going. This is a loose and breezy impromptu party, so it's free, but you can't bring your booze in. Don't try it. Bring your finest Stormzy question instead. If your question is "Where do you know me from?" you will be asked to leave.

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