The Vaccines Premiere the Video For "Dream Lover"

Massive spaceships, an enormous robotic eye, and alien girls with deadly lasers.

by Joe Zadeh
01 April 2015, 11:22am

Over the years, via a multitude of movies and scores, we've been programmed to accept that the only music suitable for outer space is either epic classical or weird ambient electronica, and nothing in between. Well, the new video from The Vaccines suggests the fuzzy pop rock of their new single "Dream Lover" can also ride pretty damn well amongst the stars, planets, gases and dark matter of our deep and confusing universe.

The video, produced by CANADA and directed by PENSACOLA, has everything you'd want from an 80s sci-fi pastiche: big fuck off spaceships, cubist death traps, an enormous robotic eye, alien girls with deadly lasers, and the over-arching, tongue-in-cheek plotline that love is transcendental. It's enough to make you wish Interstellar was directed by John Carpenter and Richard Curtis.

The Vaccines' lead singer Justin explains:

With "Dream Lover" we wanted to continue that b-movie aesthetic and bubblegum escapism we achieved in the "Handsome" video, and continue collaborating with CANADA. To me "Dream Lover" sounds otherworldly, the perfect combination of retro and future, so I think the theme of the video fits the song and us as a band perfectly. We've always been fans of camp space adventure and so it was pretty fun getting to bring one of our own to life.

Watch the video below.

The Vaccines release their third album, English Graffiti, on May 25. "Dream Lover" is out on May 18.