Roll One Up and Chill Out with NANG's 'Frequencies' Mix

Seventeen slick tracks featuring the likes of SELVSSE, NAO and Jay Prince.

by Noisey Staff
23 February 2016, 10:31am

If you don't already know about NANG, then we're sorry. Headed up by Ralph Hardy, who has a show on London's Radar Radio and DJs in sets ranging from the Boiler Room to the festival stage, NANG is an oasis for new music. So what better way to showcase their curation than a brand new playlist? Following up from the last NANG selection, which featured the likes of Fredwave, Rocks FOE and Isaac Danquah, the latest mix brings in a whole host of new artists. There's a theme, too - which Ralph explains below.

"We listen to music so much, we begin to hear things that aren't there. The hollow echo from catching a kick too close to the Function 1. Try functioning on minimal sleep or on a stomach full of substances. We aren't meant to lose the substance and quality to celebrate mediocrity. There is a certain frequency that can be found in the output NANG give to the people - The Frequency is 'good'. Whether you can hear it or not, the frequencies and fragments in it all are all nang."

The project was inspired after Ralph dropped the Bobii Lewis' Special from #GrowingPains2 - one of NANG's collections. The intention is to bridge the gap between genres in a way that's similar to using the shuffle function. As Ralph says - "no genres in good music, just good music".

Listen below and zone out.

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