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Who is dvsn, the Vocalist Behind Nineteen85's Project?

No, it's not Nineteen85.
27 October 2015, 10:00am

Photo courtesy of Facebook

During the OVO Sound Radio episode hosted by Paul Jefferies, better known to the world as Nineteen85—the OVO Sound producer known for making some of Drake's biggest chart-toppers with "Hotline Bling," "Truffle Butter," and "Hold On, We're Going Home"—played a song called "The Line" from an unknown artist named dvsn. The song is a longform journey that builds on top of a bare bones vocal track, until eventually a full choir forms around the seven minute track, leading some to place it on the same level as one the greatest R&B songs of all time.

Everyone immediately jumped to guess who dvsn is, taking part in the same game that OVO has gotten fans to play time and time again. A look at dvsn's social profiles doesn't lend any help in finding out the vocalist's identity, with everything seemingly created around the time of the OVO Sound Radio episode.

Some have assumed that dvsn is a duo comprised of Nineteen85 and a vocalist he's worked with in the past, but dvsn's falsetto seems to reach a few notches higher on the scale than what we've heard from past Nineteen85 collaborators like Daniel Daley. Others have guessed that dvsn is Nineteen85 operating under a different name, pointing to the fact that he has the symbol for division in his Twitter bio.

But according to an anonymous source, Nineteen85 and dvsn are in fact two separate artists. The same source says that while Jefferies is certainly involved in the project, he's choosing to let the music speak for itself instead of putting a face to it.

However a quick look 26 months into the past on Jefferies' Instagram shows a picture of the same logo that dvsn is currently using, meaning that even if Jefferies and dvsn aren't the same artist, they've certainly been planning this for a while. We'll continue to monitor the identity of dvsn, and look forward to it being revealed that dvsn is probably a three-piece made up of Drake, The Weeknd, and PARTYNEXTDOOR.

For now, let's just enjoy the Soundcloud offerings that dvsn has chosen to release as we await any accurate information.

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Slava Pastuk is dvsn. Follow him on Twitter.