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The Week In Links 3/15/13

Busy week? Here’s somethings you may’ve missed.

by Kevin Holmes
15 March 2013, 5:57pm

On the blog this week we saw how you could explore Montreal by throwing balls in the air, got caught in the time-lapse abstractions of Kurtis Hough’s films. In LAYERS we dug deep into Rare Times’ “No One’s Looking Out”, we said farewell to Amon Tobin’s ISAM show, looked at the design studio behind Dita Von Teese’s 3D-printed dress, discovered the bleak, toilsome world of video game Cart Life, and explored modular design with Aranda\Lasch.

And the rest of the web had this to say:

· This iPhone app lets you wear someone else’s face.

· What would St. Patrick’s Day look like if you wore Google Glass? It would look like this.

· Check out the insane designs from the winners of eVolo’s skyscraper competition (above).

· And the latest PBS Off Book looks at the rise of the web comic.

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