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Watch Foals Get Hallucinogenic in Their "Cafe D'Athens" Video

Mmmmmmm pretty pretty flowers.

by Ryan Bassil
28 March 2019, 12:00pm

Photo via PR

Foals' new album Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost Part 1 begs to be listened to under psychedelic influence. The cover art is awash with lush pink trees that beam out of the picture frame. The song structures seem fashioned for hippy-flipping, all high swells and bright colours. Then there's the subject matter: about the end of the earth but also about the lushness of the natural world, as a by product.

So then to their latest video from that record, for track "Cafe D'Athens" (watch below).

Speaking to Noisey, frontman Yannis Phillipakis said: "'D'Athens' was the outcome of me trying to teach myself how to use Logic properly. I wanted to break away from loop pedals and cassettes, which was how I was demoing stuff for the last ten years, and try and record myself in a more modern way. I stumbled across that marimba loop which threads throughout the track and 'Cafe D’Athens' was the result. The band jammed it a couple times, and added some bits, I worked on it in Paris separately, and used a fretless bass for the first and probably last time."

In practice, the resulting track is a rollicking journey through several mind states; full of dreamy vocals but pinned down with strong percussion. As you'll see above, the video also features lots of radiant flowers blooming, trippy visuals, shapes, flashes of light – all that good stuff. Have a watch and then head here to read our profile on the band and their new album.

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