The TV Anchor Who Quit On-Air to Sell Weed Was Arrested for Smuggling Weed

Weed activist Charlo Greene says there was more lint than weed on her.

by Manisha Krishnan
27 February 2016, 5:00am

Charlo Greene quitting her job back in 2014. Photo via Facebook

Charlo Greene quitting her job back in 2014. Photo via Facebook

This article originally appeared on VICE Canada.

Charlo Greene, the former Alaska TV anchor who quit her job on air to become a full-time pot activist, was arrested and charged with "smuggling marijuana residue" while trying to enter Canada at the British Columbia border.

Greene, who runs the activist organization Go Greene dedicated to promoting diversity in cannabis culture, was heading to Vancouver as part of a pot-related tour.

But when she got to the border, she said customs agents recognized her as the "Fuck it, I quit" lady and proceeded to search her for hours. After going through her computer, cell phone, luggage, and even searching her dog, Greene was strip searched. Eventually, she said the guards found "marijuana residue" at the bottom of her purse.

"I literally mean less residue than there was lint," Greene said in a statement.

She was detained and charged with "suspicion of smuggling marijuana residue" into Canada. (Apparently one gram of cannabis resin is a violation of Schedule VIII of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act—still not sure this qualifies.)

On her Facebook page, Greene said one of her team members who had a marijuana leaf on her hat was searched and handcuffed.

"This whole experience has just been really crazy and really disappointing."

After the nine-hour ordeal, Greene was sent back into the US. She has canceled all of her Vancouver stops, including a black tie sesh she was set to host with Cannabis Culture.

But she said the setback has made her more determined to come back to Canada.

"It became clear there's still so much more work to be done, and I plan on returning to help," she said.

At a senate meeting held earlier in the week, Liberal MP Bill Blair said the government would consider granting amnesty to people with criminal records based on weed charges. But he said police officers and prosecutors should continue enforcing the current laws.

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