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Miami's Tallest Skyscraper Looks Like A Giant Money Clip

Get ready for the face of "New" New Miami.
12 September 2014, 3:20pm
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From Miami-based architecture firm, Arquitectonica, comes Skyrise Miami, an all-new 1,000ft mixed-use leisure landmark primed to become Florida's tallest tower. Inside its futuristic shape, which looks like a combination between a waterslide and a giant, inverted money clip, the tower is set to feature a ballroom, five-star restaurant, and an observation deck. Recently given the greenlight from municipal authorities, the project's developers even imagine the building's capacities as an amusement park, suggesting thrillseekers may someday have the opportunity to bungee jump from the Sunshine State's highest vantage point.

Below, architectural renderings of Skyrise Miami:

Located in downtown Miami, the tower is scheduled for completion in 2018. Click here to take an online tour of Skyrise Miami. h/t Designboom


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