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Hear Missy Elliott and AJ Tracey (!) on Aminé's "REDMERCEDES" Remix

A contender for the link-up to end all link-ups.

by Noisey Staff
19 May 2017, 9:51am

Truly great collabs are hard to come by, but this Friday 19 May, an unexpected one has fallen into our laps. Take a moment to thank the cosmos for gifting you this remix of Portland, Oregon rapper Aminé's already very good "REDMERCEDES" featuring not only Missy Elliott, which is enough of a coup on its own, but also rising west London rapper AJ Tracey.

It's an unlikely combo, but don't they usually end up being the most special? AJ brings in some always-needed UK flavour as he toys with the beat like a cat about to kill a mouse, Missy expunges on some of her favourite topics (having junk in her trunk, and being the GOAT), and the fun, smart hook from Aminé's original holds everything together.

The whole thing plays out over a sparse instrumental that's reminiscent of Missy's own "Work It" (her inclusion on the remix makes so much sense that it actually kind of feels like her song) and it's a very good example of the way that making music that is actually great will get you a good deal of attention, and eventually Missy Elliott will hop on your remix. Well played, Aminé.

Listen below, and be compelled to dance in your seat:

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(Image via Aminé on Soundcloud)