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Spanish Veteran Oscar Mulero’s 'Spherical Coordinates' EP is More Textured Than Velcro

The veteran producer tells us about his recent experimentations with abstract modern techno.

by Amada Echeverria
19 November 2014, 8:50pm

Oscar Mulero and Christian Wunsch

Oscar Mulero and Christian Wunsch

Oscar Mulero's career started in the 80s when he walked into a record store in Madrid and blew all his savings on The Cure's Standing on a Beach. Two decades later, he was playing at Sónar 96 alongside Richie Hawtin, Laurent Garnier, and Jeff Mills, and had started his own record label, Warm Up Recordings, which has 34 releases to date. Today, Mulero is one of Spain's veteran DJs, with a career spanning over 20 years. Along with his second label PoleGroup, he's released music by many of today's vital techno artists, such as Surgeon, Function and James Ruskin. 

Mulero's latest release is an EP called Spherical Coordinates, which THUMP is streaming in full above. It's a collaboration with Spain-by-way-of-Monaco producer Christian Wunsch. The two have known each other for many years. Mulero describes the collaboration process as "fluid," leading up to the final product they hoped for. "The idea we had was sort of based in the techno of the 90s, which is very cyclical. We were looking for the idea of the spherical." He admitted that the EP is meant to be very physical. "The tools and technology in the studio have advanced, of course, but we wanted to throw it back to a 90s club vibe and kind of bring that back."

On the other hand, Mulero's new experimental techno project, Biolive, is completely removed from dancefloor music. It is related to an EP of his called Biosphere (or Biosphera in Spanish) that came out on the Detroit Underground label. Biolive is essentially a combination of slow, ambient sound and organic images of landscapes with mineral planes. "It is not visceral. It's not made to be consumed in clubs," Oscar says. 

His latest release is the EP Vertigo, which is the first part of a series of four from the new Pattern Series out on his own label, Warm Up Recordings. With these new releases, Mulero seems to be exploring a more experimental type of feel, calling his release "abstract pieces of modern techno." The idea behind Pattern Series, he told us, was to make music with only a few, highly texturized elements. "I was really trying to work the texture of every single track that forms part of the song.The artwork of Pattern Series is also trying to convey lots of texture and different colors."

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