Aphex Twin’s Logo Specs: Now at Your Grubby Fingertips

Check out the Paul Nicholson's original design specifications, so you can reproduce them yourself.

by Nathaniel Ainley
01 March 2017, 4:51pm

Instagram via @Number3

Since its 1992 debut on the album artwork for Selected Ambient Works 85-92, Aphex Twin's symbolic logo has served as a cryptic hype machine and visual rallying cry for the electronic music legend's cultish following. In celebration of the album's 25th birthday, graphic designer Paul Nicholson shared the original design blueprints for the logo and typeface on his Instagram, and we're blown away. You don't realize how geometrically complex a typeface can be until you've seen one of these design files.

Nicholson posted multiple images on his page indicating the font's dimensional specifications and grid arrangement. In his post, the artist says the logotype was first drawn by hand using circle templates and rulers in 1991. "With there being many incorrect versions of this lettering floating about, I thought it about time to please the definite logo construction," he explains. Our best guess is that he just got tired of seeing fans' faulty tattoo renditions of his work.

A post shared by Paul Nicholson (@number3__) on

A post shared by Paul Nicholson (@number3__) on

Learn more about Paul Nicholson's work on his website.

Check out the original post above, and visit Paul Nicholson's website for more.


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