Photos of Defiant Junior Doctors Protesting Outside the Department of Health

The Health Secretary announced that his hated new contract would be imposed without further negotiation.

12 February 2016, 10:59am

Jeremy Hunt's junior doctors contract, which would see doctors work until 10PM without overtime and make Saturday part of the normal working week, was opposed by two unprecedented days of strike action. Ninety percent of them have said they would consider quitting if the health secretary pushed through the contract through.

Apparently none of this phased Hunt. Yesterday, he said he would unilaterally impose the contract without further negotiation.

In protest, junior doctors spent yesterday evening outside the Department of Health, protesting the decision and declaring that the fight isn't over, even if Hunt reckons it is. Cars honked in support as an angry crowd chanted "One, two, three, four, we know what your contract's for. Five, six, seven, eight, tearing up the welfare state" and "Hey, ho, Jeremy Hunt has got to go!"

Someone was holding an Australian flag, possibly signalling their intention to emigrate if the contract goes through. Among the speakers was a hospital support worker who urged doctors not to do that. "Support workers, cleaners and most nurses can't move to Australia," they said. "Your patients can't be treated by you in Australia. Stay here and fight."


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