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The World's First Wireless and Socialized Turntable Is Here

TRNTBL allows an audience to identify and remotely stream the tracks from a spun record.

by Michael Scott Barron
23 May 2016, 6:54am

Photo via VNYL

If you thought DJing was as social as it could be, think again. A new turntable is about to change the way DJs and audiences interact.

The California-based record subscription club VNYL has announced TRNTBL, the first-ever record player with wireless audio streaming and social media capabilities. TRNTBL allows a DJ to spin records which are then streamed and identified as tracks the people can share digitally with friends, and it allows for a DJ to live-stream his tracks via Spotify so one can tune in remotely. It's also quite pretty.

TRNTBL will be compatible with Sonos, Bluetooth, and Airwave technologies. Pre-orders are normally $420, but for a limited time that price has been reduced to $351. Learn more about and purchase a TRNTBL here.

[h/t: Mixmag]

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