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Aphex Twin Caricatures the Presidential Election with Absurdist Video

The clip is promoting the artist's upcoming appearance at Houston's Day for Night festival.

by Alexander Iadarola
08 November 2016, 10:07am

Notorious electronic music prankster Aphex Twin makes playfully critical commentary on the United States presidential election in a peculiar new video released today. Featuring edited footage of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump debating and focusing in particular on the theme of nuclear war, the 42-second clip promotes the artist's upcoming appearance at Houston's Day for Night festival—which will mark his first US show in eight years.

Eschewing a clear indictment of either candidate in tomorrow's election, the Weirdcore-produced video caricatures them both through distorted representations and pitched-up voices, conveying a general sense of wonky unease more than anything. The clip also includes similarly edited footage of a woman Trump supporter arguing that Clinton "could start a war in 10 seconds" because of hot flashes, and a military official looking at a control room screen in horror as it broadcasts what appears to be nuclear world war. The sheer weirdness of the whole thing reminds us of all the times Richard D. James has trolled his fans.

In 2011, Weirdcore produced another video promoting an Aphex Twin headlining slot at the English Bloc Festival.

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