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Kendrick Lamar Joins Smooth Bass Individual Thundercat for "Walk on By"

'Drunk' is out Friday.
23 February 2017, 8:40am

Thundercat, High Bassmaster of Los Angeles and deeply funky individual, has a new album coming out on Friday. Drunk will be his fourth studio LP, the follow-up to 2015's The Beyond / Where the Giants Roam. And if already-released singles "Show You The Way" and "Friend Zone" are anything to go by, it's going to be smoother than treacle spilling onto a bowling line to the sound of the Grammy Award-winning song "Smooth" by Carlos Santana featuring Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20.

This morning, another track slunk out from Drunk. "Walk on By" is a quietly jittery neo-soul jam that kicks back and considers solo drinking for 90 seconds before Kendrick Lamar jumps in and puts down a verse that's mellow in delivery but inevitably fearsome in its poetry. They're building off of the chemistry they laid down on To Pimp a Butterfly which is obviously difficult to resist.

Listen to the track here.

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