Watching Swedish Neo-Nazis Fighting in the Forest

If you go down to the woods today, you might get attacked by fascists.

17 December 2013, 3:50pm

The Swedish Resistance Movement or SMR – who, if you didn't guess already, are an ultra-violent neo-Nazi group – have lately been spending a lot of time spreading their message in the Stockholm suburb of Kärrtorp. They have painted swastikas on pretty much every available flat surface and assaulted people who don't fit into their twisted worldview.

However, this past Sunday, around 200 people who've had enough of SMR's violent tactics gathered on Kärrtorp's main square and peacefully demonstrated against racism and neo-Nazism. Which is a fairly brave thing to do, given that in Sweden as a whole, such things are on the rise.

Fifteen minutes into the demonstration, a group of around 30 neo-Nazis marched into the square carrying smoking flares. Unfortunately, police underestimated one of Sweden's most violent far-right organisations and as a result, only ten officers attended the event. It wasn't long before things got out of hand.

A battle commenced in a hail of flying Nazi bottles, as police desperately tried to keep the groups apart. About half an hour later, the battleground was moved from the centre of Kärrtorp into the nearby woods. The chants changed from: "No Nazis on our streets!" to: "No Nazis in our forests!" and the bottles into sticks and stones.

Eventually, more police arrived and outnumbered the Nazis. All in all, 28 people were arrested and four people injured in what will be remembered as the most medieval fight in Kärrtorp's history.

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