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This App Matches People With Their Ideal 'Face Type' – Whatever That Means

A new app developed by New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) scientists aims to match users by analysing the faces of their favourite celebrities.

by Sophie Wilkinson
08 May 2017, 8:55am

What makes someone your type? Some people like to divide their objects of lust by hair color, others rate by height, and some will even categorize the prized portions deserving of their lust—a boob guy, a legs man, a beard kinda gal or an arms lady.

FaceDate, an app currently in development stages from the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), aims to match users with whoever matches their face type. When users input up to 50 images of celebrities they find attractive, the app then displays, in order, the people nearby whose faces correlate closest with the uploaded images.

Put together by PhD students and professors at the Wing Yu College of Computing at NJIT, they developed Facedate on the premise that all the other dating apps in the crowded market bring people together based on text-based social cues, rather than highlighting physical attraction. Cristian Borcea, its professor, has previously joked that his students simply developed it to find dates for themselves.

But just how good is this app at finding people I'm attracted to? I've been with my girlfriend for three years, but would Facedate have put her in my list of matches? I sent the team at NJIT a bunch of images of celebrities I'm attracted to, and one of my girlfriend to see whether she fit my face-type criteria.

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The celebrities included: Nicki Minaj, ex-Spice Girl Geri Halliwell, Amy Adams, erstwhile Lost star Evangeline Lilly, UK politician Ed Balls, Wayne Rooney, Kristen Stewart, Shirley MacLaine, Zayn Malik, and Lindsay Lohan. As Facedate is currently in its prototype stage on Moitree, it doesn't have many users, so researchers created fake user profiles using celebrities. (Obviously, they didn't input any of the above celebrities, as they would be perfect matches—my dating pool consisted of other celebs they already had on file.) The researchers also created a user profile using my girlfriend's face.

After running the app, they received numbered scores for each user profile they'd created, the lowest being the best match according to my initial submissions of celebrities. Jennifer Connelly is my top match (60.10), followed by Bradley Cooper (70.15), and Twilight actress Ashley Greene (78.45) scored as a better match than my actual girlfriend (88.66). But while I'm definitely into Jennifer Connelly, I'm neutral on Ashley Greene and detest Bradley Cooper and his dorky grin.

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