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I Just Wanna Talk About These Photos of Happy Kanye for a Second

Kanye West just became a dad for the third time and he has the big smile to prove it.

by Lauren O'Neill
19 January 2018, 10:01am

Image via KimYe Media on Twitter

I love seeing Kanye happy. I just love it. Seeing his smiley face makes me feel warm and comforted, my cheeks rosy. Kanye's grin clears my skin, pays off my debt, and throws out that weird yoghurt thing in my fridge that I've been avoiding touching for a couple of weeks now. If Kanye's happy, I'm happy.

So imagine my pleasure at waking up this morning to new photos of happy Kanye! For context: he's just become a dad for the third time, as he and Kim Kardashian West's surrogate recently gave birth, and he's apparently very pleased about it! I'm glad that he's looking healthy after what was obviously a tough spell back in late 2016, because not only does that mean there might be a great new Kanye record soon (or at least when he's ready), but we also get heartwarming photos like this. I'm delighted.

That's all I wanted to say really. Thanks for listening guys.

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