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Rex Orange County's "Edition": 2017's Greatest Song About a Hotel

Watch your back, Don Henley.

by Noisey Staff
13 September 2017, 11:45am

You can write a song about anything. Some previous topics include: making love in an elevator, rhubarb, cigarettes, summer (there are about 129,409 songs about this subject alone), sleeping with someone's mother, losing your mind and wanting to blow your brains out all across the kitchen floor. Songs entirely about hotels, though? Not so many of those recently, though there are plenty of hotel shoutouts and cameos. So here's Rex Orange County's "Edition – a song presumably about London's swanky hotel of the same name – released today.

We're getting heavy, heavy Blonded radio vibes from this track. Which isn't to say it explicitly sounds like Frank Ocean, more that it embodies a similar quality of being both relatively, deceptively simple but emotionally intelligent. Listen to those damn harmonies, feel the energy of those lost loves, the ones you'll never take to Edition (or even a Holiday Inn), soak in the memories, taste the tears.

Listen to the track above and read our feature with Rex Orange County here.