3D Cronenbergs Bounce Around These Absurd Animations

Morphing creatures come alive in Polish 3D and visual effects artist Filip Tarczewski’s experiments.

by DJ Pangburn
15 June 2016, 5:25pm

Screencap by the author

Filmmaker David Cronenberg might have perfected surrealistic flesh with the special effects work in eXistenZ, but a generation of new media artists are responding with modern technology. Multimedia artist Floris Kaayk’s Frankeinstein-esque The Modular Body, the stacked and boneless bodies in CGI artist Albert Omoss’s form series, and the organ-like creatures in Erik Ferguson’s VEv are great examples of this creative evolution. But Polish 3D and visual effects artist Filip Tarczewski is also currently showing himself quite adept in this domain.

In a series of short video experiments, Tarczewski creates four organ-like entities. As far as movement, they most closely resemble Omoss’ work, but the texture is more in the vein of Ferguson’s digital creations. In one, a many-tentacled monster trembles and writhes. In the others, Tarczewski fashions a “meat basket,” an abstract mass of human appendages, and a “super meatball” that looks like a dead insect.

Since these are just experiments, they are incredibly short and do not benefit from any complimentary sound design. But it’s clear that if Tarczewski wants to create a high concept piece of surreal science fiction, then he definitely has the animation and effects chops to pull it off.

09-06-2016___trembling_monster from Filip Tarczewski on Vimeo.

02-06-2016___meat_basket from Filip Tarczewski on Vimeo.

30-04-2016___FEM_test___v001 from Filip Tarczewski on Vimeo.

27-04-2016___Super_Meatball from Filip Tarczewski on Vimeo.

Click here to see more of Filip Tarczewski’s work.


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