GIFs from Outer Space, Coming Soon to a Wall Near You

The perfect decoration for your friends with their heads in the clouds.
13 December 2016, 9:05pm
Adam Ferris, Nustar; Pi-Slices, Planet; Pumpkin Sun, NASA. Images courtesy Electric Objects

A new collection of NASA's best footage, plus original, space-inspired artwork by Pi-Slices and Adam Ferriss, drops today on the artist network and digital picture frame company Electric Objects. The company both sells hardware for displaying digital art and supports artists by commissioning new work tailor made for their vertical design.

Ferriss (previously) turns his ongoing exploration of the computer glitch frontier upwards, pixel sorting celestial imagery to create nebula-like superstructures in the void. GIF Artists Collective founder Pi-Slices' (previously) pared-down geometric loops reduce the planets to their simplest, most mesmerising forms.

Scanning through the imagery on the Electric Objects, it can be difficult to tell which is fictional and which is real. Some of Ferriss' glitch artworks are believable interstellar phenomena at a glance, and NASA video of solar flares and the curvature of the Earth looks rendered in CGI. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction, especially when it comes to the final frontier.

Check out the full Space Is the Place series here.


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