The Dyson Hair Dryer Is Totally Worth It, Unless Your Time Is Worth Nothing

Is it possible to be in love with a styling tool?
14 August 2019, 3:09pm

This article originally appeared on VICE US.

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I wanted the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer so badly that I was afraid to buy it for fear of disappointment. It may have been the best purchase I’ve ever made.

I love my hair—it’s my nicest feature. Perversely, I hate dealing with my hair. I hate getting it cut, washing it, drying it, cleaning out hairbrushes, vacuuming up hair tumbleweeds—the whole never-ending cycle gives me existential dread, which is probably why I put off every step for as long as possible. This means a lot of dry shampoo, topknots, and abashed explanations to stylists about my raggedy ends.

The Dyson Hair Dryer promises dramatically faster drying times with less heat. I have a lot of long, thick hair and I used to try to let it air dry for as long as possible before blow drying. Getting it from washed to dry was a multi-hour process of 20 minute bursts of blow drying, punctuated with breaks for both my hair and my arms. With the Dyson, my hair went from wet to fully dry in eight minutes. I timed it. My hair dried so fast I almost didn’t believe it; I kept timing it, kept marvelling about my not-even-a-little-bit-damp hair.

The general sleekness and balanced weight of the Supersonic make it a pleasure to look at and hold, and the magnetic attachments are brilliant—not only are they simple to switch, but you can rotate them precisely to focus air where you want it, rather than contorting your body. I’ve been experimenting with lower heat and speed settings, and found that the gentler speed lets me style with my fingers more easily. My hair, dry in less than 10 minutes, on low heat. Wonders never cease.

The Dyson didn’t give me a perfect blow-out, and it didn’t change me into a stylist. But since I’ve been using it, my hair is definitely smoother, my waves are more defined and the ends of my hair less fluffy. For me, it’s worth the $400—it turns something that I once hated into something that I don’t have to think about. I recently went on a trip that involved multiple hotel hair dryers, and even the best was way too hot, too unwieldy, and mostly ineffective. I’m someone who only washes (and thus dries) their hair once a week, but I’ll be packing my Dyson when I travel going forward.

The Dyson is the most expensive item in my bathroom, and the one I proselytize about the most. It’s not an “investment” piece or a designer hair dryer—It’s just an everyday machine, used regularly, that is (I think) the best of its kind. I gifted one to my mother, partly so that I could use it when I come to visit. My boyfriend uses mine to style his hair with less product (it takes him 30 seconds). Now I have my eye on the Dyson Airwrap Styler; it’s only a matter of time.