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Here Is a Song Made Up Entirely of Shania Twain's Facebook Page Comments

YouTube comedy-songwriter Hot Dad sings the strangeness of the comment section, with every spelling mistake intact.

by Alex Robert Ross
03 April 2018, 8:25am

Facebook has already torn a hole in the fabric of our society, helped a chicken-addled sociopath assume the presidency, and directly impacted the mental health of hundreds of millions of people. But – like the soggy mess that it spat out into the Oval Office – Facebook is stupid. It allows your uncle to log on and type his most mundane thoughts into a box: "Having a nice cofee [sic] this morning. Don't talk to me before my java! lol x." It is so often a home to unfiltered impulse; unfiltered impulse is often dumb and spelled poorly.

Above, then, is a song composed entirely of comments posted to Shania Twain's Facebook page. It's called "This Wonderful Woman That You Are (Song For Shania)," and it's the work of YouTube comedy-songwriter Hot Dad. Because it's built on top of a Shania-like backing track, it's catchy enough to let the batshit thoughts come through. You may ask why a person would go to Shania Twain's Facebook page and write: "Shania, please go see Jlo on Wed. I'd prob die with you both in the smae room." But you don't have time to consider that, because Hot Dad has moved on to singing, "Yo---er, (wink) in passing..."

Take it all in at the top of the page.

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