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Walter Pearce Photo Diary Vol. 1: Walter's World, Party Time, Excellent

Inside New York Fashion Week's most banal moments.

by Matthew Leifheit
15 October 2014, 5:00am

Hari Nef

Walter Pearce is a photographer who flits around the periphery of high-fashion events, but rarely chooses to take pictures of the fashions on display. At Paris Fashion Week, for example, he took photos of broken ceiling tiles and abandoned champagne bottles with straws in them, and at New York Fashion Week he photographed dirty socks and a footstool. We figured he should catalogue his whole life this way, so we asked him to submit a monthly photo collection, which we are calling Walter Pearce Photo Diary, or WPPD (not to be confused with World Peace and Prayer Day). 

This column will include some fashion content, because the kid hangs around fashionable people. But it will also include a lot of pictures of ladders, walls, shoes and construction sites. Think of this column as a look into the private life of the average American 20-year-old, if the average American 20-year-old lived in New York, hung out almost exclusively with models and had a dry, constructivist aesthetic to his photography that whiffs of Moholy-Nagy.

Ishmel Brown

David Moses (below)

Spencer Cherasia

Ishmel Brown (below)

Heron Preston

For the next installment of this column, Walter will be traveling to Salem, Massachusetts to shoot photos on Halloween night. SpoOOoooOOoky. 

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