Urban Adventuring for Converse's #SneakersWould

I spent an evening saying yes.


It started with a bottle of mezcal (complete with dead, alcoholic worm) delivered to our desks last Thursday. The note attached instructed us to meet at a pub round the corner after work, as well as setting us a challenge: to accept where the night would take us and make it to the end (we did). It was the first event of Converse's new #sneakerswould campaign – a series of experiences set to spring up throughout London, Paris, Barcelona, Madrid and Amsterdam over the coming months.

So anyway, we went to the pub after work and handed our invite to the barman, who handed us each a blue drink in return. Minutes later, we were escorted upstairs by a guy in a jazzy shirt. After consuming more chips, falafel burgers and beer than I've ever seen in one room, a telephone rang. The voice on the other end told us to follow Jazzy Shirt down the road, so we did.

The alley we found ourselves in was already full of people – graffiti artists, B-boys from the Methods of Movement crew and a bunch of people drinking cold beers while "Anaconda" blasted out the speakers. Jazzy Shirt asked us if we wanted to continue. We did, so hopped in the waiting minivan.

Pulling up outside a graveyard in Stoke Newington, we were greeted by costumed dancers who led us through a series of paths, all lit by hanging fairy-lights. At the end of the trail was a live set from Glass Animals – the perfect warm-up for the rest of the night: a rave at the Bethnal Green Hotel.

Today, Converse launch their campaign Sneakers Would, a series of opportunities just like this. If you want to get involved, keep your ears and eyes open, and don’t be boring.

To find out how to get involved, visit converse.co.uk