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Glenn Danzig's Horror Movie 'Verotika' Looks Hilariously Bad

Critics are calling it "'The Room' of horror anthologies".
16 January 2020, 9:07am
glenn danzig
Photo by Michael Tullberg / Getty Images

This article originally appeared on VICE US.

Glenn Danzig is one of punk music's funniest figures. The frequent subject of memes including these old photos of the Dark Lord buying kitty litter, the legendary co-founder and frontman of Misfits and Danzig is often in on the joke. In 2016, he played a beach goth on Portlandia and in 2002, laughed at himself as a voice actor on Aqua Teen Hunger Force. But with his new horror film Verotika, based on stories from his gritty comic book series Verotik, the 64-year-old punk icon has something that critics are calling so disastrous, it's actually hilarious. In 2019, The A.V. Club even dubbed it, "The Room of horror anthologies."

The trailer for the upcoming film, which Entertainment Weekly debuted, confirms that. It's pure camp, replete with stabbings, gore, and ludicrous line readings like "The cause of death? A very shocking loss of blood." In the clip, words like "future cult classic" flash on the screen, which is typically trailer-speak for "purposefully bad" and "not very good but kind of funny and entertaining." In fact, the trailer quotes a different review from the A.V. Club calling it "an instant Midnight Masterpiece" but omits that they also wrote that it's "a movie so profoundly absurd it reduced an entire theater of presumed fans to uncontrollable giggles."

Even if it's not an amazing piece of cinema it looks pretty fun—in the way that all horror flicks are over-the-top entertainment. It stars Rachel Alig, Alice Haig, Natlia Borowsky, Sean Kanan, Scotch Hopkins, Ashley Wisdom, Kayden Kross, and Caroline Williams from Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 and is hitting video-on-demand on February 25 and Blu-ray on March 3.