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Cardiff Fried Chicken Van Sparks Controversy with Its Quite Graphic Phallic Logo

The Dirty Bird chicken shop design is causing a bit of an uproar in the Welsh city.

by Tom Usher
05 January 2016, 1:31pm

The logo for Cardiff fried chicken company Dirty Bird

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What do you see when you look at the image above? Do you see a D and a B neatly placed together so as to form the initials of the Dirty Bird fried chicken brand? Or is it perhaps just a drawing of a cockerel? Or, alternatively, maybe you see a pair of hairy testicles and a penis, which appears to be spraying orange sperm directly upwards in a thick, viscous stream?

Whatever your personal interpretation, the somewhat phallic design is causing a bit of a stir in Cardiff city centre, where it adorns the van of fried chicken street food vendors Dirty Bird. Shocked customer Abigail Griffiths, 29, said: "I was queuing up with my two young sons when I looked at the logo and realised what it represents. It is not the sort of thing that should be on display around children."

Another customer, Denise Leyshon, 43, had this to say: "The food was finger-licking good, but when I saw the logo I was a bit shocked," adding: "I would still come back for seconds."

Dirty Bird owner Neil Young stepped in to defend the logo, saying: "We've never really thought about it like that. Our designer created a D and B for 'dirty bird', then pushed them together to make a cockerel."

This important controversy continues to rumble on.

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