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Can You Imagine Dolce and Gabbana in Jail?

There's not much glamour behind those bars.

by Bertie Brandes
14 December 2012, 5:30pm

A weekly roundup of anything fashion-related that's made us excited about having bodies that we can dress with clothes.


The scrunchie is officially back, thanks to Laura Fraser of Thrush Metal, and her insanely hot friend Eugenia Simo Grijalbo. Yesterday the first ad from her line My Crazy Scrunchie was released; a green screen Western starring Clara Paget, Cara Delevigne and Suki Waterhouse. But today they managed to surpass even hot blonde chicks with guns, by releasing a film containing all the hottest girls you’ve spied on Facebook, plus Alice Dellal and Adwoa Aboah.

If you weren’t conscious in the 1990s and are unsure about how to wear a scrunchie, now you really have no excuse. Stripper heels, prairie dresses, or Levi’s and plaid shirts. Sure, you might not look like a supermodel, but when you're lying in your underwear with a big puff of white tulle on top of your head, here’s betting you really don’t care. Prices start at £12, and Vivienne Westwood already commissioned a whole bunch of them for her last runway show.


The designers chosen to receive next season’s NEWGEN fashion scholarship were announced this week, and included personal favourites Nasir Mazhar, Sister by Sibling, Simone Rocha and JW Anderson. While Anderson might not need the exposure, having just been announced as the new head designer at Versus (Versace), newcomers like Sophie Webster, Nicholas Kirkwood’s shoe apprentice, are probably pretty psyched about it. Previous recipients include Alexander McQueen and Christopher Kane. And Matthew Williamson, but we’ll keep quiet about that one, shall we?


Swedish brand WESC, the guys who make clothes and headphones, have recently launched the second wave of their art project for 2012. The gallery they’re installed in, underneath their Carnaby Street store (right by Ben’s Cookies, treat) is now playing host to an exhibition by Moley Talhaoui. Swedish born Talhaoui’s work focuses on early modernist language with a dark contemporary gaze. I’m not entirely sure what that entails, but if you’re in the area you should totally drop in and find out. The gallery, named the "Superlative Space" will be open until December 21st, and there’s a drinks party on the 17th. Can I get a "thank you", please?


Marc Jacobs released the first look for his Spring/Summer 2013 this week, and while it's cute, it's not exactly Victoria Beckham hiding inside a gigantic bag, is it? MJ has been using Juergen Teller to shoot his campaigns for like, ever, which isn't a bad thing but I'm waiting for them to top Dakota Fanning looking like a child prostitute, and Helena Bonham-Carter bouncing around like the maniac we all know she really is. This season features model Ruby Jean Wilson, the 18-year-old Australian model who opened and closed his last show. Great, whatever, but the best thing about these ads is when the model is legit crazy, not in a bulimic way, but a proper, prescribed meds and glazed eyes way. Wait, is it too soon to use Lindsay? Just a thought, Marc.


Oh dear, Dolce and Gabbana aren't having the best press this year, are they? First they sent beheaded black slaves' heads down the runway dangling from supermodels' ears, and now they're getting done for €420million in tax evasion. The pair were charged in 2007, after the sale of their two companies to Luxembourg-based company Gado Srl, which the Italian authorities have reason to believe was set up with the sole objective of skiving on their taxes.

Considering the huge sum of money involved, it's pretty amazing that it's taken this long for the tax man to catch up with them, but then again – from where I'm sitting – tax evasion seems to be more widespread in Italy than olive oil and emotive body language. Tax avoidance there has only recently become a criminal offence, so it's doubtful that Dolce or Gabbana are going to be facing particularly serious consequences – the harshest is a three-year jail sentence, which, let's face it, is not going happen. Can you imagine these guys in jail?

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