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How You Can Actually Help Out with the Refugee Crisis from Behind a Keyboard

Donate to the rescue efforts in Samos, where thousands of refugees are being held.

by VICE Staff
13 March 2017, 3:21pm

Top photo: A screenshot from 'Lights in Dark Places'

(Top photo: A screenshot from 'Lights in Dark Places')

Last year Lily Cole visited the Greek island of Samos to meet both the refugees now living there and the locals going out of their way to volunteer with rescue and social projects. Lily made a documentary about her experience – Lights in Dark Places – and upon her return set up a fundraising campaign in collaboration with weareone: collective, as part of a Help Refugees initiative to support refugees across Europe in 2017.

You can contribute to that fund right here – anything from £1 to £1,000. Or £10,000. Or even more, if you are exceptionally wealthy and have the money to give. Your cash will go towards funding refugee-supporting projects on the island, such as recreational and psychosocial activities, or paying for equipment used in rescue operations. 

Watch Lights in Dark Places below to see exactly where your money will be heading.

Lights in Dark Places